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How We Can Help

If you want us to help you to find a mediator, please contact us.

If you have a dispute, ASWM can help you to find a suitable mediator to help you to resolve it.

If you are involved in litigation already and the judge has ordered you to consider mediation, you can approach us straightaway. If you are not being referred by the court, you may first need to agree with the other parties to your dispute that mediation is a good next step.

Impartiality, integrity, experience and professionalism are key qualities of any good mediator. Therefore, ASWM offers panels of experienced mediators recruited from a range of professional backgrounds.


We will provide you with a choice of suitable mediators, so that you can choose the right mediator in terms of experience, location and cost for your dispute.


Fees will depend on the type and complexity of the dispute, the level of expertise of the mediator and the amount of time the mediation is expected to take. For more details see Fees.

Other ways we can help

There is increasing awareness that the skills of an experienced mediator can be used even where there is no dispute, for example

  • Difficult negotiations – particularly where both parties have to continue to deal with each other.

  • Negotiating with difficult people, particularly where there is high emotional content

  • Conflict with or between large groups of people or communities

  • Managing change in large commercial contracts


Essential ingredients

It is usually helpful if you approach us once you have agreed with the other party or parties that mediation is an appropriate course of action to adopt.

However, our understanding and experience of mediation means that we can get involved in negotiations about whether or not mediation is appropriate or how it will take place.


Mediation speaks for itself

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