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Mediation Schemes

The Association of South West Mediators  is involved in a number of mediation schemes, brief details of which are set out below.

Bristol Courts Mediation Scheme

Members of ASWM have been working with members of the local judiciary to encourage the use of mediation in the Bristol Courts. A pilot scheme was run in 2021/22 in consultation with the Ministry of Justice with a view to collecting data regarding the effectiveness of introducing a Stay to Mediate in appropriate cases before the Costs and Case Management Conference in multi-track cases. A further pilot scheme will run from June 2023.

For more information about the Scheme including a Guide to Mediation click here.

Local Authority Housing Disputes Scheme

For a number of years members of ASWM have provided mediation services and training to a local authority based in the region aimed at assisting housing officers to resolve difficult neighbourhood disputes. Initial meetings and mediations are conducted both in person and online.

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