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Mediation Training and Other Services

Please let us know if your organisation would like further information about mediation and we can tailor a course to your needs.

Recent courses and talks by ASWM members include the following:

  • Presentation to local authority on how mediation works in a commercial setting, the scope for use of mediation within local government and the benefits of workplace mediation;

  • Typical issues that mediators see arising, both with the client and their advisers;

  • The advantages of mediation in a community setting – dealing with housing issues;

  • Concepts and Strategies in Mediation and Negotiation - Evaluative, Facilitative and Transformative Mediation Compared;

  • Insurance Issues in Mediation;

  • Ongoing CPD Training for mediators (also useful awareness training for those involved in commercial litigation).

The use of mediation in contentious probate cases;

  • Court of Protection Mediation – Where are we in the UK?

  • Inter-generational Dialogue Facilitation for Advance Care Planning


Other topics include

  • How to make the best of mediation for your client;

  • How to promote and encourage the use of mediation within larger organisations

For further information about training requirements please contact us and ask for the Secretary.

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