Mediation Training and Other Services

Please let us know if your organisation would like further information about mediation and we can tailor a course to your needs.

Recent courses and talks by ASWM members include the following:

  • Presentation to local authority on how mediation works in a commercial setting, the scope for use of mediation within local government and the benefits of workplace mediation;

  • Typical issues that mediators see arising, both with the client and their advisers;

  • The advantages of mediation in a community setting – dealing with housing issues;

  • Concepts and Strategies in Mediation and Negotiation - Evaluative, Facilitative and Transformative Mediation Compared;

  • Insurance Issues in Mediation;

  • Ongoing CPD Training for mediators (also useful awareness training for those involved in commercial litigation).

The use of mediation in contentious probate cases;

  • Court of Protection Mediation – Where are we in the UK?

  • Inter-generational Dialogue Facilitation for Advance Care Planning


Other topics include

  • How to make the best of mediation for your client;

  • How to promote and encourage the use of mediation within larger organisations

For further information about training requirements please contact us and ask for the Secretary.

Association of South West Mediators
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ASWM is a member of the Civil Mediation Council and is registered as a provider of Civil and Commercial mediation as well as Workplace mediation

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