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Workplace Mediation Panel

In addition to satisfying the Common Panel membership requirements, members of the Panel will need to satisfy the Accreditation requirements of the Civil Mediation Council.


Initial membership

The Panel is comprised of experienced mediators who have acted as lead mediator in at least five mediations in the three years prior to application for membership of the Panel. Alternatively, you can gain Panel membership by completing two mediations as assistant mediator in the year prior to application for membership of the Panel and have received satisfactory reports from the lead mediators concerned. Admission to the Panel is at the discretion of the Association.


Documents and application forms are available for download in the Members Area.



Each year you will need to be re-accredited with the Civil Mediation Council. In order to achieve this you will need to satisfy the Association that

  • you continue to meet the Common Panel membership requirements;

  • you have achieved the ongoing annual CPD requirement; and

  • you have had relevant current experience within the last twelve months.

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