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The benefits of mediation in insolvency disputes

Delegates will learn what Insolvency-Related litigation is and why it lends itself well to mediation - as well as what lessons about mediation can be learned from it that have more general application.

  • mediators in all fields

  • legal professionals

  • accountants

  • insolvency professionals

  • debt advisers

  • financial advisers

  • business owners

  • individuals




Roger Isaacs is an experienced mediator specialising in accountancy related, insolvency and financial disputes and other money-related matters.

He is a partner in Milsted Langdon where he heads the firm’s forensic team, which means he understands the legal framework and regularly gives evidence in court proceedings as an accountant.

Roger's approach to mediation is pragmatic and commercial. He is not afraid of engaging in robust “reality testing” and his excellent commercial sense means that he is well able to judge when a party has unreasonable expectations or opinions as to the strength of its case. That said he is always careful to avoid giving his own opinions as to the respective merits or otherwise of each point of view.

His reputation is based on an ability to empathise with all parties in a dispute such as to win their trust and respect. His friendly and down to earth approach helps to disperse tensions so that the key issues can be identified and explored.

Roger has experience of a wide range of commercial dispute resolution as mediator, advisor, expert accountant witness and even on a few occasions as one of the disputing parties.

In insolvency claims Roger has proved that he can build rapport with both claimants and defendants.

Roger has specific experience of successfully resolving disputes in the following areas:

  • Professional negligence claims against insolvency practitioners;

  • Accountancy fee disputes;

  • Partnership disputes;

  • Insolvency Act claims by insolvency practitioners for Preferences, Transactions at Undervalue, Extortionate Credit, Wrongful Trading etc;

  • Disputes arising from the purchase and sale of professional practices and commercial enterprises including those relating to the calculation of deferred so-called “Earn Out” consideration.

  • Inheritance act/Probate related disputes

  • Commercial contract disputes

  • Accounting related litigation


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