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Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process in which one or two experienced and qualified mediators help a couple to reach joint decisions on one or more matters relating to their children, finance and property. The Family Mediation council (FMC) monitors the training and practice standards for family mediators dealing with children arrangements and property and finance matters for divorce, and accredited FMC mediators have a registration number. There are some family disputes, for example for property disputes between co-habitees (known as TOLATA cases), Inheritance Act disputes, and some family business disputes where a civil mediator from the Civil and Commercial Mediation Panel may be more appropriate. Please ask.

The focus of mediation is the future, i.e. the concrete issues that need to be resolved for the couple to be able to move forward.

The Association of South West Mediators has a panel of highly experienced family mediators, most of whom is accredited by the Family Mediation Council.


Most are willing to perform both publicly and privately financed mediations. 

Areas of relevant work include

  • Cohabitee Disputes- TOLATA cases;

  • Disputes between parents and children, siblings, separating couples and divorcing partners;

  • Family disputes including child abduction, contact, residence and financial disputes;

  • Family Disputes about children or finances;

  • Mediating in highly emotional situations;

  • Work relating to the dissolution of family businesses, co-ownership, inheritance and administration of estates;

  • Working with families and Children at risk or in need of being removed from the family home and taken into care;

Our Family Mediators

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