One of the fundamental objectives of the Association is the promotion of mediation in as many aspects of conflict resolution as possible, including civil and commercial, family, employment, community and wider societal disputes. To facilitate this, membership of the Association is open to any person or organisation with an interest in mediation, on payment of an initial joining fee and an annual membership fee.


Membership is open to anyone interested in undertaking mediation and promoting the use of mediation particularly in the South West of England. Many of our members have undergone some mediation awareness training and may have an interest in learning more, though this is not essential. Some will be interested in becoming panel members and taking appointments.

A key objective of membership is to provide relevant, accessible and affordable training and support to members. Training covers the specific requirements of specialist disciplines and also wider, cross-disciplinary skills. Training takes place in venues across the South West.

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The Association also takes steps to promote mediation throughout the region by making presentations and providing training to outside organisations. It encourages individuals, businesses and organisations and their advisers to build mediation clauses into legal agreements and, indeed, to encourage the use of mediation to resolve disputes that emerge when matters are being negotiated.


If you would like further details about the benefits of membership of ASWM please contact us or download and complete this application form and return it, to the Secretary, with a membership fee. Before doing so, please refer to our Articles of AssociationMembers Handbook and Privacy Policy.


Note that membership of ASWM does not automatically allow you to become a member of one or our panels. If you interested in joining one or more of our panels please complete and submit this additional Panel Membership Application Form.

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Association of South West Mediators
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ASWM is a member of the Civil Mediation Council and is registered as a provider of Civil and Commercial mediation as well as Workplace mediation


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