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The Panels

The strength of the Association lies in its broad appeal to mediators, whatever their speciality. The challenge to the Association is to incorporate this breadth of experience and to reassure potential users of the service that mediators recommended by the Association are subject to suitable quality control.


The answer that has been developed is the creation, within the Association, of specialist panels. At present we have three, namely:

  • Civil and Commercial

  • Workplace

  • Family

The benefits of Panel membership

  • The names of Panel members are published on the website and they will be informed of suitable referrals from the public.

  • The opportunity to attend reasonably priced, locally delivered relevant training at discounted prices. Some events will provide CPD points.

  • Networking opportunities encompassing other members of the Panel.

  • Opportunities to network with the members of other specialist panels, as well as members who undertake community mediation.

  • Opportunities to discuss cases with your peers.

  • Mentoring for newly qualified mediators seeking practical experience.

  • The potential for newly trained mediators to shadow established mediators and gain sufficient experience to qualify as competence assessed.


Common Panel membership requirements

Once you have joined the ASWM it currently costs nothing to join one or more of the Panels, but you will have to satisfy the Association that

  • you meet the requirements in terms of relevant initial training;

  • you have sufficient relevant and recent experience;

  • you have professional indemnity insurance of at least £1million;

  • You are fully aware and agree to abide by the requirements set out in the European Code of Conduct for Mediators 2004; and

  • you agree to abide by the regulations of the Association in relation to Panel.


For further details and an application form for membership to one or more of the panels, contact the secretary or download from the Members Area.

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