Serena Davis



Serena is a solicitor of more than 15 years’ standing, and an accredited mediator, able to assist with all commercial and workplace issues and with specialist experience in marine disputes. She has been a firm advocate of mediation for many years, with dispute resolution playing a key role in her case management strategy when advising her own clients. Serena has been located primarily in London and the South-West, training and practising in commercial litigation, with an emphasis on international shipping, super-yacht design and build, as well as a broad spread of commercial matters. She nowadays works as a consultant within a national law firm.



​Serena is also a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy Reserve. Having undertaken and been appointed to a number of tactical and strategic roles throughout her naval career, she is currently Executive Officer (XO) of HMS Vivid where her diverse management roles includes being the Equality Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) advisor, trainer and case handler.


Solicitor of the Senior Courts

CMC Registered Civil/Commercial and Workplace Mediator


In her spare time Serena enjoys spending time on the water, maintaining a smallholding, and walking on the moors.

“The engagement of Serena Davis and her mediation skills has been key to the resolution of a long running employee grievance which was placing an ever increasing load on the management team. Mediation has been highly effective and it ensured that all parties have been able to move on and return to their former productive selves. I will certainly engage Latitude again – this time much earlier in the grievance process”. Mr Bennett Plymouth

“Appointing Serena was instrumental in bringing to a swift conclusion a rather contentious dispute for our organisation. Despite the individual being very animated and combative during the dispute, she was able to resolve the dispute quickly, and finally conclude the matter. She helped everyone concerned to reach agreement on departure terms and all concerned were even able to part company amicably, which was not something we ever envisaged at the start of the process.” Mr A Hamilton-Plymouth

Serena helped resolve a complex issue we had recently. We were very reluctant initially, but having spent some time in discussion with her prior to the final meeting we trusted Serena's advice and guidance and were optimistic that a positive outcome was achievable. The process enabled us all to draw a line under a very long standing dispute which had caused us all a significant amount of stress and upset. I only wish we had done it sooner. Anon, Devon

I recently called upon Latitude Mediation to help me in relation to a dispute with my ex-business partner at a time when communications had broken down. Serena was on the case swiftly and helped me to get a satisfactory outcome to the numerous issues.
Miss T, Somerset