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Using Clean Language questions to create a Listening Space

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About this event This experiential session will introduce you to a structured and easy-to-learn process that can be used to facilitate someone to explore an issue that is on their mind, using a specific set of Clean Questions which can be readily incorporated into the mediation or advisory work that you do.

Suitable for

  • mediators

  • solicitors

  • HR professionals

  • managers

  • counsellors

  • coaches

  • parents

  • and anyone who wants to become a more effective listener


Tamsin Hartley worked as a physiotherapist for 10 years before retraining as a coach, trainer and workshop facilitator. When a friend introduced her to Clean Language it wasn’t long before she was hooked. Here was a respectful way of asking questions that helps people feel heard at a very deep level and encourages them to think for themselves. These questions can also be used to bring attention to the metaphors that people naturally use to describe their experience, bringing a resourceful and richly creative quality to their thinking.

Tamsin has combined the principles of mindful awareness with exploration through metaphor using Clean Language questions to create The Listening Space – a new approach to listening to yourself and others that can be powerfully transformative. This process can be used to facilitate two people together to explore what is important to them in their business or personal relationship, creating a highly constructive space for gaining a shared understanding from which collaboration can grow.

She is author of two books: The Listening Space: A New Path to Personal Discovery (2017, revised edition 2020), and Captured Moments: Poems Inspired by a Listening Space (2019).

Follow Tamsin here:

Twitter: listeningspace2

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