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Welcome to the Association of South West Mediators

The Association of South West Mediators (“ASWM”) is a group of independent mediators based in and around the South West of England. It is a Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediation Provider.

The group’s aims are

  • To provide a choice of experienced and reliable mediators to those wishing to find a suitable mediator;

  • To provide professional support to mediators across the region with a wide range of different areas of expertise;

  • To promote the use of mediation, particularly within the South West region.

 ***   Bristol Courts Mediation Referrals   ***
ASWM has been actively working with the Bristol Courts to encourage effective mediation of Civil/Commercial disputes. To book a mediator click the button below.

For more details read here


If you are considering mediation to resolve a dispute, this web site can help you find out more. We provide general information about mediation and we can help you to nominate a mediator who has the expertise and experience to assist with your particular needs. 

If you are looking to join our Association, we provide a variety of useful resources and services exclusively to members.  We hold regular meetings which qualify for CPD and we provide peer support to discuss difficult cases, share experience and develop expertise. For mediators seeking accreditation or those who are training, we offer opportunities for observations and mentoring. We refer enquiries to suitable members who have the appropriate accreditation, based on a mediator's area of qualified expertise and experience.  For further information, please see our section Membership.


Friendly team of professional mediators from specialist professional backgrounds.


Successful - a high percentage of mediations achieve settlement


Informal and flexible - the process can be adapted to meet the needs of the parties.

 ***   Grant funding available   ***
The Association is pleased to announce that grants are now available to subsidise the cost of some mediations in which the value of the dispute is relatively modest.  If you would like to find out whether you are eligible for this subsidy, please contact the registrar when making an enquiry. Click here for more details on fees. 

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