Audrey Sander


Audrey is a strong advocate of mediation. She believes that almost every case (regardless of the number of parties and however complex the issues) can be resolved through mediation. During her years as a barrister, solicitor and finally as a circuit judge she has had first hand experience of how expensive, time consuming and often emotionally draining litigation can be and how satisfying a mediated solution is for all the parties.

Audrey’s determination to help the parties reach an acceptable agreement is demonstrated through her listening skills, her ability to get the parties to concentrate on the key issues, by sometimes thinking laterally and by maintaining a sense of proportion and humour throughout.

Her unceasing optimism is an infectious driving force towards a solution. She has been described as an iron fist in a velvet glove, and this works!

Audrey is able to mediate across any area of law: Her recent experience has included: 

  • Probate matters and Inheritance Act claims

  • TOLATA disputes

  • Neighbourhood and boundary disputes

  • Family issues, whether relating to money or children

  • Contracts

  • Building disputes

  • Landlord and Tenant

  • Negligence claims

Audrey is now based in west London but has retained her strong connections with the West Country where she lived and worked for over  thirty years. She mediates in and around London and is happy to work in Bristol and beyond.


Audrey qualified as a civil mediator with Clerksroom in 2006 and as a family mediator in the summer of 2010. She is a Family Mediator and an Associate Member of the Family Mediators Association.

Audrey has had a long and varied legal career in different branches of the legal profession dealing with almost every type of dispute whether civil or family.